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Whitespace hosts startup discovery workshops with Crisis in a bid to end homelessness

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22nd July 2021

Whitespace is running Discovery Workshops during July and August to support Crisis on their journey to investing in startups offering innovative solutions to end homelessness as part of their Venture Studio.

The economic and social impact of the pandemic has left more people than ever before vulnerable to homelessness. In an attempt to turn this around and end homelessness for good, the Venture Studio actively looks to invest funding, technical knowledge and expertise to startups with solutions that improve access to housing, finance, healthcare and wellbeing services or provide new pathways to employment.

In addition to investing in these types of solutions, the Venture Studio is also developing its own ventures; including working with housing providers to make securing a home more affordable for everyone.

So, where does Whitespace come in?

As a proud partner of the Venture Studio, we're delighted to be able to provide technical due diligence and design support for the two teams Crisis has invested in, as well as the Venture Studio itself, via a dedicated Discovery Workshop.

A team of Whitespace volunteers made up of designers, engineers, founders and researchers will be bringing their individual expertise and skills to the workshop and identify existing challenges that are preventing the startup from scaling. During the session we will collaboratively explore ways to progress and overcome the problems the team is facing.

Crisis is actively looking for partnerships and investors to support and fund this initiative - to see how you can make a difference in this movement, visit www.crisis.org.uk/get-involved/venture-studio to find out more.

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