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Meet Whitespace's new CIO, serial Innovator, Richard Kennedy

Whitespace logo By Whitespace
9th November 2021

We are delighted to announce that Richard Kennedy has joined Whitespace as our new CIO – a true innovator that will be instrumental in helping Whitespace achieve its vision for 2022 and beyond.

Being the Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) is a big ask. You are constantly required to solve problems and add value. But being Whitespace’s CIO is even more demanding as we’re an innovation company, which has world-leading corporations coming to us for help. It’s a tricky position to fill but we have found the perfect fit.

Over a remarkable 25+ years innovating in Cloud technology, IT management, and cyber security – Richard has grown businesses wherever he’s been. He also has impressive experience in SaaS, IaaS, product and service development, and conceptualisation development.

Innovation is well and truly in his DNA: Richard found his passion for innovation early and launched his first company at the age of 14! He went on to build many tech startups until he was 25, where he chose to join a Cloud computing startup in Ireland, building out their technical operations and 6 global cloud platforms.

After being a managing director, CTO, consultant – as well as founding, managing, and growing businesses of his own – we asked Richard why he was keen to join Whitespace. He said it was getting to work with a team of proven technologists to develop new products and services for an array of blue-chip clients. And take them to market – week in, week out.

He loved that “There’s no finish line”. It’s a true innovation role at a leading innovation firm – the ideal fit for a self-proclaimed “serial problem solver.”

Richard joined the company as a CIO but will also be involved in the thick of it with our operations too. Moving forward, he will be helping us:

We look forward to Richard’s contribution and can’t wait to see what he can help our clients and partners achieve in the years ahead.

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