Do more than ask questions. Delegate.

When you need complex insights you can rely on, delegate your task to Collective's extensive legion of Human-in-the-loop AI Agents. They can deconstruct your complex task and delegate it to a team of advanced AI agents who know precisely how to address your needs best.

Do more with your data. Safely, securely & always in your control.

Collective unlocks the potential of your data. The out-of-the- box apps, AI Agents and a suite of secure Large Language Models (LLMs) provide everything you need to get the most from AI in your organisation, today.

Train your own AI Agents without any coding
Leverage our extensive range of AI Agents & out-of-the-box productivity apps
Integrate your internal data without the risk of it leaving your control
Best LLM for your tasks chosen automatically, all hosted securely & never trained with your data
Do more with your data. Safely, securely & always in your control.

A collective ecosystem of AI Agents and Apps that achieve your business objectives.

Conversational AI

Your personal assistant for day-to-day productivity, all secure, private and never used for training data.

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AI Agents

Build your own custom enterprise-grade AI Agents that enhance your role.

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Research & Reporting

Transforming research: real-time insights, elevate expertise.

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Decision Intelligence

Automate & accelerate human decision-making using the latest AI technology.

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AI Agents and apps
to power your productivity.

Collective doesn't just give you access to Large Language Models (LLMs); it delivers a comprehensive, end-to-end AI service designed to provide you with unparalleled solutions.

Large Language Models

We provide a diverse range of Large Language Models (LLMs) that can be utilised securely within the UK and without the need for training.

Pre-packaged AI capabilities 

Access and action our pre-packaged AI capabilities, ready to revolutionise your department or business immediately.

Create and build your own solutions

Save on consultations and contracts by enabling your teams to solve business problems with no-code workflow builders.

Collective Intelligence

Leverage internal and external knowledge to create comprehensive insights to empower decision-making.

Trusted AI Starts Here - Security and Oversight at the Core of Innovation.

For reliable and sophisticated insights, trust Collective's vast selection of secure Human-in-the-loop AI Agents.

Transparency & governance over how AI is used
Auditable Decision Making
Deployable & accessible anywhere, anytime - Including at the edge & disconnected
Trusted AI Starts Here - Security and Oversight at the Core of Innovation

Seamless AI performance: Anywhere, any cloud, any server, at the edge, disconnected.

Collective is highly adaptable to your deployment needs and has been successfully implemented in some of the most secure, fully offline environments globally, with no Internet access required.

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Flexible AI for every stage: Pricing options that grow with you.


Perfect for individual users ready to begin their AI journey.

29.99 / month
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  • Secure cutting-edge LLMs
  • Translate & Summarise
  • Conversational Personas
  • End-to-end Encryption


Perfect for teams aiming to enhance their workflow with AI.

49.99 / month
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  • Everything on personal, plus:
  • Data Auditing and Governance
  • Team Administration
  • Deploy to to private cloud, SaaS or air-gapped


Perfect for organisations seeking to integrate AI for maximum efficiency.

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  • Everything on team, plus:
  • Agent Builder
  • Knowledge Insights
  • Quantitive Decision Intelligence (bespoke model)
GDPR Compliant
GDPR Compliant
ISO 27001
ISO 27001
Hosted In The UK
Hosted in the UK

Empowering global leaders with trusted AI.

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