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Whitespace Partner With UK-Based Blockchain & Digital Innovation Experts, Byzgen

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18th October 2021

Whitespace is delighted to announce that it has formed an exciting new partnership with ByzGen – a fast-growing Blockchain company with an outstanding in-demand platform called FALKOR.

ByzGen has achieved a lot in a short space of time having collaborated with large organisations such as Atos, IBM, EPFL, and the Ministry of Defence since launching in 2017. The company was built to be as valuable to giant organisations as it is to smaller-scale companies. While it’s rewarding to have a wide-reaching value proposition, it comes with challenges.

Partnering with ByzGen excites us as it has an outstanding product that solves a common problem. But as every company has a unique set of challenges, the ideal solution can be time-consuming to identify – making the early stages of a project daunting for clients.

Whitespace built its name on quickly getting to the heart of complex problems, identifying solutions, and laying out logical steps to achieve them. So we’re looking forward to collaborating with ByzGen regularly as our skill sets complement each other perfectly.

Why Whitespace values partnerships

Before Whitespace launched, Paul Jenkinson, Co-Founder, was a Non-Executive Director & Chairman at Jenson Solutions – while Andrew Webber, Co-Founder, was the CEO at Microsoft Ventures Accelerator (now M12). Both have long been advocates for collaboration as they have seen its positive impact over and over again. Their devotion to partnerships was built into Whitespace’s DNA from the start.

The new partnership with ByzGen excites us as we trust the team at ByzGen and can vouch for the outstanding quality of its products and services. Like Whitespace, ByzGen never lost its “startup mentality” – diligent, hungry for innovation, open to partnerships and reaching out for expertise if knowledge gaps appear.

There are many benefits we look forward to experiencing when this partnership kicks off in September.

5 Benefits ByzGen and its customers can expect

We are confident this partnership will achieve this consistently. Here’s why...

1. Improved accessibility with reduced risk

Deploying a Blockchain platform is a big investment. ByzGen may be on people’s radars but the cost of entry – in price and time – puts some companies off. So many companies are cautious having wasted huge sums of money before – spending months investing in products/services only to hit the wall later down the line realising that it’s not the right solution.

So companies want to get their hands on a leading-edge Blockchain platform, like FALKOR, to experiment with it. It’s too risky to commit six to seven figures without experiencing the “Aha! moment”, where they see exactly how the product fits into their ecosystem. So more times than not, smaller-scale companies get priced out of a product that could be the exact solution they need.

Having Whitespace onboard opens the door to more companies as it removes the risk. Entering discussions early, Whitespace can help ByzGen’s customers complete the domain discovery within a week. So customers don’t need to worry about investing six/seven figures and months of time, only to be left with an expensive product that doesn’t provide the outcome they hoped for.

2. Rapid access to world-class expertise

Innovation inevitably leads to problems appearing that expose knowledge gaps. Every company encounters this at some stage (Whitespace included) and is left looking for expert help – ASAP – that they can trust to help solve its problem.

So should ByzGen or its clients run into a problem that they can’t solve or don’t have any company in their network to call upon, Whitespace can come in. Not only do we have a world-class team of researchers and technologists – we have the UK’s largest community of innovators.

3. An improved client-focused approach

Managing, sharing and exchanging sensitive or valuable information makes companies nervous. And rightly so as they know how costly mistakes are. ByzGen and Whitespace working together give clients an incredible amount of attention to detail – providing much-welcome headspace. The 8-Step Gated Process immediately wins clients over as they have a team laser-focused on finding the problem and creating world-class solutions to solve it.

Whitespace can carry out a thorough domain discovery process, where they’ll make it safer, easier, and faster for ByzGen to implement full deployment. The challenges, roadblocks, and best-suited solutions will be discovered early – giving clients a greater customer experience at every stage.

4. Better client outcomes

While Whitespace and ByzGen agree that selling off-the-shelf licences to solve problems isn’t ideal, it’s not to say that the traditional approach isn’t valuable – it is. FALKOR is a fantastic product that’s designed to solve big challenges. But first, the challenges need to be thoroughly understood to produce an outstanding solution.

Whitespace is uniquely set up to identify challenges and opportunities fast. Ultimately, with Whitespace and ByzGen working together, customers get more attention and expertise to produce an outstanding end-product.

5. More possibilities to explore new markets and opportunities

ByzGen has achieved great things in a short space of time and still has endless opportunities in front of them. As it explores new ground, Whitespace is available to assist should it encounter a knowledge gap or wish to be connected with another company within its network.

Everyone wins. ByzGen gets a smoother, improved customer experience with quick access to top talent. Whitespace gets to do what it does best while adding one of the most exciting Blockchain platform specialists to its network. And customers get a safer process, exceptional customer experience, and an outstanding end product that few can rival.

For more information on this partnership, please email [email protected]

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