Whitespace is working with Mentor360. A pioneering platform that seeks to revolutionise upstream healthcare maintenance.

From Idea to Reality.

We’re pleased to announce a new client partnership with the founders of Mentor360 - a pioneering platform that seeks to revolutionise upstream healthcare maintenance by enabling individuals to proactively manage their health and well-being.

With a mission to provide clinically-validated, self-serving support for mental health, Mentor360 combines the power of clinical psychology frameworks with cutting-edge AI functionality to deliver personalised, preventive guidance.

Our Innovation Lab allows itself to be an extension of an organisation's team and Mentor360's journey to redefine healthcare is a collaborative effort alongside our engineering, design, research, and product management areas, to ensure a solid end-to-end approach to its development.

Our early-stage process has already delivered Discovery Research, User Experiance design and a functional Proof of Concept. This process has enabled us to reduce our risk and fine-tune the app's functionality and proposition, generating data-driven user personas and actionable insights that guide the technology’s evolution.

Whitespace’s homegrown ‘Large Language Model as a Service’ enhanced technology is currently being trained by fully qualified Clinical psychologists which is a testament to the platform's dedication to clinical soundness. This work ensures that AI-generated responses within the app are not only user-friendly but also clinically sound, making the platform a reliable source of support.

This is a true demonstration of when a digital experience utilises all stages of our Innovation Lab and we’re excited to share more soon.

Interested in shaping the future of proactive healthcare?
Join the Mentor360 testing community and help us deliver the best in AI-powered health support.

Send an email to julieanne@white.space now to let us know you’re interested!