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Our award-winning team produces scalable solutions.

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Building new products is our passion. We architect and develop full-stack, scalable solutions.

Whether building a Minimum Viable Product or scaling and evolving existing technology, our goal is to iterate quickly while trying new concepts to see what works well for your users. Our agile, user story-driven approach ensures our teams are fully focused on your user needs and business goals.

We can support your internal teams, work with your external providers, and build both digital and human systems that make sure your technology is robust, effective and future-proof for years to come.

Our engineering team specialise in scalable cloud-based systems, edge computing, machine learning. As a team, we bring a strong heritage in the world of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.


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Mobile & Web Engineering

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High Performance Engineering

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Cloud Engineering & DevOps

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Product & Requirements Management

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Data Science & Machine Learning


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Engineering Team

A vastly experienced and senior team, our software engineers bring a wealth of experience and together have shipped hundreds of products and services.

Whitespace COO Glenn McClements

“The team consists of both seasoned professionals from companies like NYSE and Intel, and up and coming talent, and cover all parts of the software product delivery, with deep expertise in financial technology, cloud computing, performance computing, DevOps and machine learning.

Working closely with our Design Team, we specialise bringing product ideas, designs, and prototypes to MVP using best practice engineering techniques and technologies.”

Glenn McClements, COO

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What makes us different

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We know the challenges

We’re always learning from our community of 350+ corporate innovation leaders; we understand the challenges facing organisations today.

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Track record of delivery

We bring a proven, gated, traction-driven model to bring rapid acceleration to innovation whilst minimising cost and risk.

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Innovation lifecycle experience

We are a team of successful entrepreneurs who have created, grown and exited multiple global companies, combined with innovation practitioners and executives.

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