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User Experience design at Whitespace

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We design digital solutions that engage.

Our award-winning team focus on customer experience which supports building customer relationships through innovative design. We will take a human-centered approach to get the heart of the problem which will inform future stages of innovation planning.

Rapidly produce solutions and prototypes which help explore one or more aspects of the opportunity, then test our assumptions on users to evaluate, iterate and inform the POC.


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UX Strategy & Vision

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User Research

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UX & Product Design

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UX Engineering


Check Icon Primary & Secondary Research

Check Icon User & Customer Journey Mapping

Check Icon Design Thinking

Check Icon Ideation & Concept Exploration

Check Icon Creative & Visual design

Check Icon Rapid Prototyping

Check Icon User Testing

Check Icon Expert & Heuristic Reviews & Analysis

Design Team

Our multidisciplinary team combines decades of experience leading design projects across a diverse range of industries. We practice human-centered methodologies and techniques while understanding commercial constraints and considerations.

Whitespace UX designer Kelsey Campbell-Bones collects the Company of the Year award at Digital DNA 2019

“The Whitespace design team come from a diverse range of backgrounds and have a wide range of experience – talented visual designers as well as UX and research specialists. We work closely with our dedicated engineers to manage technical restraints and rapidly iterate through our assumptions.

We have a successful, closely aligned team who support each other and our clients across all projects we undertake, to ensure high-quality work is delivered.”

— Kelsey Campbell-Bones, UX Designer

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What makes us different

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We know the challenges

We’re always learning from our community of 350+ corporate innovation leaders; we understand the challenges facing organisations today.

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Track record of delivery

We bring a proven, gated, traction-driven model to bring rapid acceleration to innovation whilst minimising cost and risk.

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Innovation lifecycle experience

We are a team of successful entrepreneurs who have created, grown and exited multiple global companies, combined with innovation practitioners and executives.

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