Whitespace announces another collaboration agreement, this time it's with Sideways 6!

What we do We make 'what next?' happen. And join all the dots in between.

Illustration depicting the Whitespace team

We think beyond the tech

When you want to do something new, you don't want to disrupt the usual. We work with you to develop products, markets and ventures that will change things for the better. So when the future rolls around, you're ready.

Each of our designers, engineers, researchers, founders and technologists brings their own expertise. Together, we use our skills to solve existing problems and find new answers. And then we build the tech. It’s a more sustainable way of working.

Our Process

Think of us as part of your team. We listen and work with you to uncover the problems your innovation needs to solve. We get to work, rapidly producing and testing prototypes.

Discovery Illustration

We get to know the problem and your team.

Explore Illustration

We explore the opportunity and the value.

Validation Illustration

We master the value, test the ideas and uncover gaps in knowledge.

Design Illustration

We prototype, test and clarify possible answers.

Execute Illustration

We test your Proof of Concept (PoC) with our partners and your users.

Evolve Illustration

We build and ship your Minimal Viable Product and plan your Go To Market Strategy.

Growth & support
Growth and Support Illustration

Spin-out, Spin-In or Scale-Up - we deliver a full product strategy and post-launch support.


Awards & Recognition

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