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The QI dashboard displayed on an Apple iMac desktop computer which is placed on an office desk.

QI has brought together experienced investors, leading academics, cloud computing and machine learning to create a quantitative framework that untangles market complexity.

This involves taking large amounts of relevant data, filtering and normalising this data, and then applying rigorous mathematical techniques to identify patterns between asset prices and macro information, taking particular care to avoid overfitting.QI provides quantitative macro data analytics which helps users enhance their investment process through actionable, evidence-based analytics.

The QI product user interface displayed on an iMac in an office

The Opportunity

QI’s existing system was unable to scale and perform as required which resulted in poor user experience for all users as they were not able to set themselves up and manage their models. This resulted in the QI team having to manually set up models for users which in turn impacted on business productivity.

The QI product user interface being displayed on a duel monitor

How We Helped

Firstly, we identified that we would need to implement dynamic AP which would provide Investors with the functionality to subscribe to the platform and manage their models, taking away the need for QI team members to do so. Our UX team redesigned the product by building a dashboard with a drag-drop modern data-driven interface, which provided a stronger user experience. To establish these changes were effective we ran user testing sessions to ensure our iteration met the needs of the user.

Loved by Users

“I like that once you set it up it makes it easy to see things you would be most interested in.”

“There is so much functionality on Bloomberg that it’s buried. I have used Bloomberg for 20 years and I still discover new stuff to this day. This related models box could show me a very clear regime.”

“Being able to export data and use it in our own excel is huge”

“I like the UI you are showing it’s a lot better than the one I’ve seen in the previous version”

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