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A user using the DroppTV app on their iPhone

DroppTV is a new type of shoppable media allowing creators to monetize their video content by leveraging AI and ML to identify products, people and places in real-time.

The Opportunity

DroppTV could provide the necessary video content but they had no experience when it came to the design and technology requirements for the platform. No platform existed (or currently exists) that had the same comparable features of on-demand video and eCommerce, so there was not an existing UX playbook to use. Also, the technology for the auto-detection of objects within a video is also emergent and developing quickly, so there was a need to investigate the state of the art and gain first-mover advantage.

Wireframe design example for the DroppTV product designed by the Whitespace team

How We Helped

Within four months we designed, built and deployed a working video on demand / eCommerce prototype/proof of concept. Particular focus was on the UX to balance the more passive nature of a VOD platform with a (non-traditional) eCommerce platform.

A user using the DroppTV platform at home on the MacBook Air

In parallel to this, we worked with our corporate network and leading-edge scaleup to investigate and current start-of-the-art for object detection within a video, plot a trajectory for what would be possible with future iterations and identify the technology to use for DroppTV to go to market.

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