Whitespace announces another collaboration agreement, this time it's with Sideways 6!

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''A big thanks to Andrew for making the Discovery Workshop happen with my team. I have been dreaming about launching this project forever.'' Senior Director of Innovation at Criteo AI Lab
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About Byzgen & Whitespace

Whitespace - enterprise innovation experts

Whitespace design, develop and build new ideas, products and ventures. Launched in 2014 by Paul Jenkinson (Co-Founder) who was a Non-Executive Director & Chairman at Jenson Solutions – while Andrew Webber (Co-Founder) was the CEO at Microsoft Ventures Accelerator (now M12).

Both have long been advocates for collaboration as they have seen its positive impact time and again. Their devotion to partnerships was built into Whitespace’s DNA from the start.

ByzGen - real-world blockchain experts

Byzgen’s mission is to create a world where businesses can make better decisions, unlock commercial opportunities, and drive innovation by exchanging data in a secure and trusted way. Byzgen’s agnostic Blockchain platform FALKOR, enables the exchange of sensitive data between several entities at scale, ensuring high-quality, real-time data integrity.

Head shot of Andrew Webber
Andrew Webber, Co-Founder, Whitespace

“Blockchain is commonly seen as a solution to a problem but before it’s deployed – the problem needs to be scoped, tested, and designed. And that’s what Whitespace built its name on.”

Head shot of Marcus Ralphs
Marcus Ralphs, CEO & Founder, ByzGen

“The size of Whitespace and the robustness of its network of startups, scaleups and corporates, means that it’s uniquely positioned to be able to be more responsive if there’s a gap in knowledge or expertise which needs filling – particularly in the early stages of the ideation process”