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Meet Our New People and Culture Business Partner, Roseanna Long

11th May 2022

Whitespace is thrilled to share that it has recently appointed a People and Culture Business Partner, Roseanna Long, to a brand new role within the company. The role has been introduced to support growth and build an environment that allows people to thrive. Whitespace is renowned for its talent and supportive environment. This role will help define what is important to the company and its people, in relation to company values and culture.

Roseanna has a wide range of experience of working in HR and people roles within legal, banking and consultancy businesses of different structures and scales of operation. The latest being an SME. Roseanna will be instrumental to the maturing of the Whitespace organisation in this role.

Roseanna commented on her role “I’m so passionate about people and creating a holistic approach to managing and supporting individuals. I am already embracing the challenges and joys of working with this very talented and experienced team of specialists. The company’s strategy is clear. We want to solidify a culture and set of values that represents authentically who we all are as individuals and what we represent as an entity, with the personal space and autonomy that is scalable as the business moves on its rapid growth path.”

This new function will address topics such as making autonomy scalable, flexible remote working and connection between colleaguesFinally, the focus will be on embedding values in a way that is authentic by listening, consulting with colleagues and rooting them into everything Whitespace does.

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