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Corporate Innovation Community Workshop - How ‘Intrapreneurs’ Can Drive Transformation Within Their Organisations Feat Tendayi Viki.

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This workshop focuses on how Intrapreneurs can drive the transformation of their companies into innovation engines.

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It was Steve Jobs who said it is better to be a pirate than to join the navy – However, for Intrapreneurs who work inside large companies, this distinction between being a pirate and joining the navy does not work very well. We have to innovate within the large organisations that we work for. In other words, we are Pirates In The Navy!

We will address how we can gain legitimacy within our company to drive innovation as a repeatable process.

We will discuss how to get early wins, how to build a coalition of leaders to support our movement and how to sustain the momentum of change over time.

The secret to all this? Not all pirates are the same. Watch on below.