Whitespace, IBM and Rolls-Royce Launch the Smart Engineering Design Tech Innovation Challenge!

Whitespace logo By Whitespace

Late 2019 saw the launch of the IBM x Rolls-Royce x Whitespace Smart Engineering Design Tech Innovation Challenge.

The IBM and Roll Royce logo placed on top of an image of a Rolls Royce jet engine.

October 2019 saw tech giants IBM come together with engineering masters Rolls-Royce in a collaborative innovation programme developed in partnership with Whitespace. This collaboration was a break-through moment for us and we were very proud to be working with two such global Corporates in developing this collaborative approach to fast-tracking innovation and utilising technology to create business benefit.

The aim of this challenge was to develop a system that allows Rolls-Royce design Engineers to quantify the impact of their designs on the manufacturing process in order to improve their manufacturing right first time delivery. This will, in turn, help reduce the design iteration time for a new component as well as the part manufacturing cost.

In this transformation journey, exciting and high growth technology startups play a crucial role in driving fresh, disruptive solutions and this is why both Rolls-Royce and IBM have chosen to host the challenge alongside our team.

It was also announced that Whitespace are now an IBM Strategic Delivery Partner and to support in the growth of this challenge we will spend the next 8 weeks searching the UK for cutting-edge startups which will deliver Rolls-Royce the solution needed to support their innovation journey. If successful the solution will be scaled across multiple global teams. The initial Proof of Concept deployment will be a paid PoC with the expectation that this will evolve to be deployed for testing and productisation within the Rolls-Royce IT estate.