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Coventry University & Whitespace join forces to bring the best of breed capabilities to innovative projects & programmes

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26th April 2023

Following two successful ventures, Coventry University has signed a two-year collaboration agreement with UK innovation tech company, Whitespace.

Whitespace comprises a team of researchers, engineers and technologists who support organisations to design, develop, and build new ideas, products, and generate new ventures.

One of the two successful projects that is being supported by Whitespace for Coventry University is The Resilience Beyond Observed Capabilities Network Plus (RBOC N+). Led by the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations this national security project worth over £4 million aims to create new knowledge and capabilities to help the UK prepare for security threats in the coming decades.

Powered by Shift Platform, a white-label ecosystem and community collaboration tool developed by Whitespace, the project launches by creating a mock scenario of a catastrophic attack on digital and energy networks set in the year 2051.

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In responding to the scenario, the RBOC Network+ will investigate what vulnerabilities could be exploited by attackers and what techniques and capabilities could be used by public authorities to prepare for and respond to such attacks.

The second initiative is the creation of a digital Skills Hub for PEMD (Power Electronics, Machines and Drives). This follows on from Coventry University’s recent UK Research and Innovation win to support the Government’s challenge to move to electrification technologies and create world-leading supply chains and expertise for the manufacture of PEMD in the UK.

Whitespace will assist Coventry University with the design and delivery of a digital platform which will support a wider PEMD skills community over 3 years. It will include a body of industry knowledge, and marketplace functionality for job postings and education, training, and University courses.

“I am delighted we have agreed on a strategic relationship with Whitespace, who bring innovation and technical capability to support Coventry University Group’s desire to generate impact across the wide range of communities we serve. Both organisations see multiple opportunities to collaborate and innovate bringing new capabilities and technology to bear on some of our greatest challenges.“ - Paul Noon, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Enterprise & Innovation) at Coventry University

This strategic collaboration brings Whitespace’s domain security knowledge, technical development, and artificial intelligence capability together with Coventry University’s research and innovation expertise. This blend of academic excellence with innovative technical capability opens up many opportunities across multiple sectors to generate and disseminate knowledge.

“I am genuinely excited about how this collaboration between the two organisations brings the best of our joint capabilities in support of a number of future collaborations in the field of AI/ML developments, platform developments and thought leadership collaboration.'' - Andrew Webber, Chief Commercial & Marketing Officer at Whitespace

Find out more about research and business at https://www.coventry.ac.uk/

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