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Coventry University Partner with Shift Platform by Whitespace to Optimise Digital Collaboration

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29th September 2022

We’re pleased to announce that Whitespace developed collaboration tool Shift Platform is being adopted by teams at Coventry University to support a multi-million pound research project that sees government, industry and academia coming together to understand future security threats to UK cities.

The RBOC (Resilience Beyond Observed Capabilities) Network+ has an entire community that will be using the platform as a networking tool for identifying collaborators and enabling speedy information sharing.

Utilising the capabilities of Shift Platform, the University led project will allow experts to collaborate more effectively and efficiently in a manner which has previously not been possible. It is the first major roll-out of the technology, having previously been developed as an innovation collaboration tool for a community of C-suite level executives who are part of Whitespace’s Corporate Innovation Community.

David MclHatton, RBOC Project Lead from Coventry University, commented: “Collaborating effectively on a project of this scale is key for maximum impact. It will enable us to bring the project members together beyond in-person sessions, to digitally co-create and co-produce for greatest effect. We have chosen to adopt Shift Platform from Whitespace as our digital collaboration platform for this project, with the primary goal of opening up cross-organisational collaboration between academia, government and industry. We see this as providing a future-proofed opportunity for starting conversations around a resilient UK, set against the background of possible security threats of the future.”

The RBOC Network+ will bring collaborators from Coventry University, Cardiff University, Lancaster University, University of Manchester, Ulster University and RUSI. The project has been supported by BAE Systems, Cambridge Consultants Ltd, Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Improbable Defence, International Leadership Association, Lancashire County Council, Ordnance Survey, PA Consultancy Services, and Whitespace, together to help consider security threats in the coming decades.

Shift Platform unlocks the ability to discover, collaborate, share and interact. It is a new breed of collaboration platform; focused on delivering, quality, curated collaboration within and beyond the constraints of traditional organisations.

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Coventry University has partnered with Whitespace to optimise digital collaboration for the RBOC Network+ project with Shift Platform.

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