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Corporate Innovation & Covid-19: Lessons, Challenges & Opportunities

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29th October 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has been an education for almost every citizen of Earth old enough to comprehend what is happening to some degree. As such, corporates and startups alike have gathered considerable experience in working in a severely disrupted business landscape.

Whitespace Corporate Club members discuss challenges of Covid-19

Remote working, remote managing, remote pitching, remote networking, condensed work-life balance and more besides have presented towering challenges. And yet there has been an abundance of opportunity to explore and experience new approaches, learn fresh lessons and hone the craft of innovating.

On the 24th June members of our Corporate Innovation Community remotely gathered to take in a panel exploring the impact of COVID-19 on corporate innovation, the lessons, challenges and opportunities, and what the new world of corporate innovation might look like.

The Expert Panel

The panel was hosted by Whitespace’s CTO, Dr. Rachel Gawley, a respected leader, engineer, entrepreneur, researcher and innovator with a wealth of experience in many sectors and spaces.

Rachel was joined by some of the finest minds from across the UK Corporate community. Her panellists were:

Key Talking Points & Key Takeaways

The following summarises the key talking points, insights and takeaways from across the panel.

How can COVID-19 be an opportunity for innovation?

What are the key challenges COVID-19 presents to corporate innovation?

How has COVID-19 impacted the narrative around innovation within corporations?

Motivating internal innovation, letting innovative thinking permeate other departments and encouraging intrapreneurship may be yet more vital during and after the pandemic. How can that be fostered?

What efforts, tools, mindsets or methods have become important during the pandemic?

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