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Corporate Community Meet

Corporate Innovation Community Meet - Ethics & Harm

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22nd March 2021

We’re back! And in the first CIC meet of 2021 we were joined by the team behind our new venture, Shift.

Built by Whitespace, inspired by feedback from our very own Corporate Innovation Community, Shift is an exclusive, online community, empowering members to cross-industry boundaries to learn from their peers to solve problems, challenge traditional processes and accelerate innovation.

Meetup Theme: Ethics and Harm - How to Future Proof Your New Venture

When creating a venture very little time is spent focusing on the possible and unintended harmful outcomes.

In this virtual meet, the team behind Shift shared how within your organisation, you can make a change by introducing Ethics and Harm workshops and processes.

They walked attendees through their own processes and templates, as created by Bronagh Smyth (Senior Venture Designer) using the Spotify ethics assessment for reference.

The aim of this session was to get you thinking across both concept and feature level about how your product could potentially be used for harm while striking the correct balance so that you can continue to create and move forward in your ventures.

Watch back in full here 👇

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