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Corporate Innovation Community April 2020 Meet - Join The Work From Home Revolution!

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11th November 2020

The second Corporate Innovation Community meet of 2020 took a new turn - We went virtual!

People taking part in a video conference call

In these 'unprecedented times' how organisations stay connected and collaborate with each other has never been as important as now. Businesses have had to pivot from office-based working where regular F2F meetings and brainstorming is happening all day every day to utilising the latest technology to enable digital collaboration and on-going productivity.

We're all dealing with a new work/home life, with additional family commitments and other external pressures, yet needing to evolve how you work effectively whilst continuing to deliver on your ongoing projects with internal and external teams.

For what was our most popular panel session for 2020 we welcomed a whole host of innovators, experts and practitioners for this much-needed chat.



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