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Challenge Update: Shell Digitalisation Innovation Challenge

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7th May 2021

April saw us close the application doors of the Shell Digitalisation Innovation Challenge. Over the last week, 30 applications have become 10 and the first stage of down selection is complete. Question is, who are they and what happens next?

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Having reviewed and scored all applications against specific challenge criteria, the challenge selection team, made up of internal stakeholders within Shell and IBM and facilitated by the Whitespace innovation challenge team, has identified the top 10 applicants who will progress to the next stage of selection.


The top 10 applicants through to the next stage (in no particular order) are…

  1. Mobiry
  2. Redu Group
  3. Eagle Eye Solution Group PLC
  4. Jigsaw Business Solutions
  5. Valassis Ltd
  6. Vouchery.io
  7. Giftpro Limited
  8. Tillo
  9. Limitless Insights
  10. Voucher Express

Congratulations! 🥳


The successful 10 will now need to once again impress our judges, but this time in a small set face-to-face meet. The startups will pitch their tech solution and answer questions from key stakeholders from Shell UK, IBM and Whitespace via a 1:1 video call to try and secure their place in the final stage - the Showcase event!

The Showcase will be an open door event that is due to take place in June 2021. On the day, attendees from all key businesses will feature and both IBM and Shell are keen to make this a great opportunity for the most exciting and impactful applicants to showcase their innovative tech solution to invited teams.

The candidates' chances of winning the paid ‘proof-of-concept’ project with the Shell team rest entirely on their performance in this final stage and the feedback they receive from the audience.

Watch this space for the next update coming this June!

If you are a corporate or NGO interested in collaborating with Whitespace on an Innovation Challenge of your own, please email [email protected]

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