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Challenge Update: IBM responsible.computing () Tech Innovation Challenge

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29th March 2021

After 12 weeks, the application deadline has closed and the submissions are in!

Clean city type building with vertical gardens up the sides of the structure

The challenge selection team, made up of internal stakeholders within IBM and facilitated by the Whitespace innovation challenge team, has been reviewing and scoring over 50 applications against a set of challenge specific criteria to identify the top 10 applicants who will progress to the next stage of selection.


The top 10 applicants through to the next stage (in no particular order) are…

responsible.computing () Impact Category:

responsible.computing () Infrastructure Category:

responsible.computing () Data Usage Category

responsible.computing () Wildcard Category:



The 10 second stage applicants will now need to impress our judges and pitch their tech solution via a 1:1 video call to try and secure their place in the final selection - the Expo Showcase Event!

These 1:1 sessions will allow the selection team to meet the applicants virtually ‘face-to-face’ and ask questions about their tech solution and company. It will also provide the applicant with an opportunity to ask any questions themselves.

The Expo Showcase Event due to take place in June 2021 will be a great opportunity for the most exciting and impactful applicants to showcase their innovative tech solution to invited corporates, NGOs and other key stakeholders.

If you are a corporate or NGO interested in attending the Expo Showcase event, please email [email protected].

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