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Andy McCartney (Whitespace Co-Founder) talks innovation and automation: The Long Con

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8th February 2021

Last December, Whitespace Co-Founder Andy McCartney, joined Becky Liggero Fontana at The Long Con for a chat on innovation and automation.

The gambling industry talks a lot about innovation, but many of the biggest changes we see come from other industries. Automation is going to play a huge role in our future, and to understand how we can embrace that change, Long Con's Becky Liggero Fontana sat down with Whitespace Co-Founder Andy McCartney.

The two discussed how Andy made his way to where he is now, and what Whitespace’s purpose is.

But if you’re simply focused on innovation, you’re missing where the biggest advances are coming, McCartney said. “Bigger question now is actually collaboration, because large companies no longer can solve problems themselves in the time scales required,” he said. “So a good example would be, outside of the gambling industry, if we took something like autonomous vehicles, that is now an IoT (Internet of Things) effectively on wheels, so it’s no longer a car, so now you have to work with a data company, you have to work with an ISP, you have to then work with an energy company. Suddenly, something that 10 years ago was just about building a car now requires five or six companies all working together to solve.

You can watch the full convo here:

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