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Innovating is hard. Whitespace make it easier.

We’re the innovation partner that consults, creates and executes with you.

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What makes us different

94% of executives are unsatisfied with their corporate innovation strategy¹. Our experienced team can help make innovation a success.

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We know the challenges

For the last 2 years, we have built, engaged and learned with our 150 strong community of corporate organisations comprising of more than 350 innovation leaders.

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Track record of delivery

We bring a proven, gated, traction-driven model to bring rapid acceleration to corporate innovation whilst minimising cost and risk.

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We place Corporates at the centre

Unlike other accelerators and programs, we put corporate innovation at the centre of everything we do. We work holistically across our customers, supporting multiple approaches to innovation.

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Corporate Innovation Lifecycle

We are a team of successful entrepreneurs who have created, grown and exited multiple global companies, combined with corporate innovation practitioners and corporate executives.

¹McKinsey Global Innovation Survey, McKinsey analysis

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Help identify the problem and opportunities

We provide a number of supplemental training workshops that help prepare our corporate customers and startups for the journey of open innovation. Our approach planning will highlight the most appropriate path forward.

Enable your internal teams

We work to support your internal teams by infusing them with the same type of coaching and mentoring we would startups in a well run accelerator to de-risk and accelerate any innovation initiative.

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Whitespace team members helping manage client team members

Managed collaboration with startups

We help you to scout, short-list and partner with startups to solve your innovation challenges. Working with your business units to create a plan, we can help orchestrate the entire challenge; from scouting, selecting and due dilligence of startups to coaching and continual assessement.

Collaborative Co-Creation

When our customers can’t find a startup that can address a problem, we can work together to create a new startup together. We follow the exact same practices as world-class startups and manage the flow of value via gated stages with demonstrated traction.

Find out more about our Innovation Lab.

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A Whitespace delivery partner working on a Whitespace project

Delivery Partners

At Whitespace we work with you to provide a full range of services which support innovation and where needed we also connect our customers to an extensive base of external delivery partners. Our partners augment our existing capabilities as well deliver solutions that enhance and grow your organisation. They comprise of cloud transformation, cutting edge workshops which will drive innovation forward as well as rating methodology which results in accurate evaluation of potential growth.

Lets Work Together

We help our clients thrive and grow through innovation that works. Get in touch to find out more about how we can help your business flourish.

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