Whitespace announces another collaboration agreement, this time it's with Sideways 6!

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The largest community of innovators within the UK.

Our Corporate Innovation Community is the largest community of its kind within the UK. Now more than 2 years old it’s a safe space for innovators to access free workshops, network, and swap ideas.

It's also a community for leaders from the public and private sector to share the challenges they face, along with the trends that affect their business and the UK’s economy.

"I love to be updated about trends and benchmarks with other fellow open innovation colleagues.Open Innovation is not just about being open to startups but also about cooperation with other corporates and this community helps to connect and collaborate"

Telefonica logo Miguel Arias, Global Entrepreneurship Director at Telefonica

"Primarily attending the Corporate Innovation Community enables me to engage with other peers in the industry. We’re able to share thoughts, ideas and best practice, which we can take back to our respective companies. I think, also, it helps us all have a consistent definition of what we mean by ‘open innovation’, ‘corporate innovation’, ‘accelerators’ and so on. That’s really helpful."

Transport london logo Rikesh Shah, Head of Commercial Innovation at Transport for London

"In order to be able to innovate, large corporations such as Enel need to work closely and in a collaborative way with external innovators and their startups. Being part of WhiteSpace community allows us to have an open communication channel with these innovators, as well as other relevant ecosystem players, so that we can mutually learn of challenges and projects in order to bring solutions to reality"

Enel logo Fabio Tentori, Head of Enel Innovation Hubs

"I’ve found the Whitespace Community an invaluable resource in looking outside my own industry for ideas on how to drive innovation at my company. To be in the room and work together on challenges with so many like minded people is both educational and inspiring. The networking opportunities have also been enormous!"

Pfizer logo John Gordon, Snr Director, Head of Digital at Pfizer
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