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Commercial Product Manager

Our Company

We’re a team of researchers, engineers and technologists (along with a few former CTOs), who design, develop and build new ideas, products and ventures.

We help businesses innovate, from the small things that can make a big difference to more-involved 'Eureka!' projects. We work with global clients to develop products, markets and ventures that will change things for the better. So when the future rolls around, they’re ready.

Each of our designers, engineers, researchers, founders and technologists brings their own expertise. Together, we use our skills to solve existing problems and find new answers. And then we build the tech. It’s a more sustainable way of working.

The Product

The Expert Augmented Machine Learning Intelligence (EAMLI) has been two years in development. EAMLI is a digital platform that improves decision-making within an organisation by guiding and informing complex decisions quickly and efficiently.

An intuitive user experience gives organisational leaders a holistic overview to better understand the interaction between data, decisions, objectives and efficiency. Explainable AI and machine learning algorithms work in the background to provide a real-time framework and identify multiple interdependent factors that help inform ever-changing organisational decisions.

The technology does not replace decision-makers, rather it supports their day-to-day objectives with relevant data. Eamli dynamically adjusts targets based on new information and data insights — enabling users to prioritise different objectives at various levels of importance.

The Role

The Commercial Product Manager will take full ownership of the Go To Market proposition for a new product launch in 2021 and the ongoing growth of the product into new markets, new industries and with new use cases. They will work very closely with the Marketing, Venture, Design and Engineering teams within Whitespace and will be seen as the subject matter expert on the products commercial design and product’s commercial development roadmap

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