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Built from a team of talented engineers, architects and designers, the Innovation Lab can help your organisation meet its innovation goals.

Whitespace’s Innovation Lab is an innovative R&D, design and software engineering facility that partners with corporates, Government, SME’s and later-stage startups to develop bespoke technological solutions, scale or flesh out existing tech and improve user experience and performance.

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We provide advice and support to tech scale-ups and growth teams to help them develop their products and expand their business.

Every project we embrace is collaboration. We can help your internal teams, work with your external providers, and build both digital and human systems that make sure your technology is robust, effective and future-proof for years to come. As a team, we bring a strong heritage in the world of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. We specialise in intelligent cloud-based systems, edge computing, machine learning, and user experience and passion for testing new ideas in a lean way and by conducting experiments to prove/disprove underlying business assumptions.

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Our leadership team specialise in leveraging their deep industry and technical insight to guide strategy and decision making. As a result, Whitespace sits on many of our client's advisory boards.

  • — Commercial Strategy
  • — Product Viability
  • — Fundraising
  • — Research
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Our team offers broad-spectrum support from building product prototypes to branding to advising key technical hires. We think a holistic view is vital to the success of any product.

  • — User Experience Design
  • — Communication & Messaging
  • — Product Design
  • — Project Management
  • — Regulation Compliance
  • — Technical Hiring Assistance
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Our technical teams are capable of taking a project from idea to full-scale production. We build each product from the ground up with best practices in mind and often build a bespoke team around each client.

  • — Product Setup
  • — Technical Architecture
  • — Frontend Development
  • — Backend Development
  • — Native Design & Development
  • — AI / ML Implementation

Featured Projects

Whether finding that perfect startup, helping to build a bank or empowering your internal teams, we help businesses solve difficult problems.

Whitespace client Hay mobile banking app home screen in mobile device

Hay Bank

Hay is an exciting new challenger bank launching in the Australian market late 2019. We provided a wide range of support across the design and build of the platform - initial architecture, user processes, as well as the legal compliance and recruitment for the IT team.
Whitespace client Quant Insight desktop application dashboard screen in laptop device

Quant Insight

Qi has brought together experienced investors, leading academics, cloud computing and machine learning to create a quantitative framework that untangles market complexity. We added dynamic AP onto their existing platform which saw larger investors right the way down to retail investors subscribe to the platform. This was a hard performance engineering problem which resulted in us turning a C++ library into a cloud native scalable server-less service alongside highly scalable storage. We also built a dashboard with drag drop modern data driven interface.
Whitespace client DroppTV desktop application home screen in laptop device


DroppTV is a new type of shoppable media allowing creators to monetize their video content by leveraging AI and ML to identify products, people and places in real time. We built a working prototype over a 4 month period, utilising technologies detailed in the whitepaper, written by one of the team.
Whitespace client Found mobile application dashboard screen in laptop device


Found are experts in lost property management. They’ve developed a bleeding-edge matching service along side establishing a network of Found partners, making it more likely than ever to get your lost property back. We supported by redesigning and developing their iOS and Android applications which supported in the growth of their platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of organisations do you serve?

The Innovation Lab tends to partner with Corporations, SMEs and later-stage startups on individual projects, but our open collaborative approach means we embrace working with startups, SMEs, external providers to our clients, and anyone else that can bring on board relevant expertise and insight.

Do you provide work-for-hire or similar services?

While our Innovation Lab team is proudly fast and efficient, we are not a work-for-hire outfit. Equally, we are not a traditional software production house or boutique developer. We collaborate on highly specific projects to find innovative solutions, improve and modernise existing technology, or realise ideas as PoCs and MVPs.

Does the Innovation Lab specialise in certain types of technology?

While we bring many strengths, such as deep experience in machine learning, edge computing, intelligent cloud systems, and UX design, the diverse background of our team means we can help with myriad technologies, approaches, and solutions. In previous projects, we have focused on areas as diverse as fintech, ecommerce, quantitative analytical frameworks and more besides.

Why should I use the Innovation Lab over another engineering, software design, and R&D outfits?

Primarily, it is the experience of our team, who bring with them a rich diversity of knowledge from serving clients across the globe in numerous different sectors. That experience also means the Innovation Lab can deliver high-quality results at speed, work effectively with your own tech teams, and connect you with leading voices at organisations like Microsoft, Google, and Oracle to deliver the results you need. Our relatively modest size and agility-focused structure equally mean we can offer highly competitive rates.

Lets Work Together

We help our clients thrive and grow through innovation that works. Get in touch to find out more about how we can help your business flourish.

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